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Training & workshops

Hiring the required customs and trade compliance experts is one challenge, but ensuring your staff stays aware of all the trade and logistics laws, regulations and best practices is another. CATTS training and workshops are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We acknowledge that different companies operate in different ways and people learn through different methods.

Reduce your compliance risks by arming your internal talent with the knowledge and expertise to make better educated decisions. Our training is especially focused on the practical application of the theory and ranges from deep subject matter to general trade and compliance awareness trainings.


Any of CATTS training sessions can be delivered in person, or remotely through online training. Onsite training can be at one of our office locations or at your offices. We have a set of training modules that can be uniquely prepared to apply to your company. CATTS training sessions are provided by subject matter experts, so you and your team's questions can be answered and explained on the spot.

Training can be provided in groups or in individual sessions and we provide your staff with certificates to serve as proof of attendance.

​​Types of Group Training Sessions

1. Presentations - Group courses with Questions & Answers​
2. Workshops – Interactive sessions with practical examples and practice activities - These can be optionally concluded with an exam test

​​Types of Individual Training Sessions ​

1. Presentations – Individual tailored course (from a practical to executive level)
2. Workshops - Interactive sessions with practical examples and practice activities​
3. Mentoring – One to one support with the goal of educating on specific topics, e.g., certifications or assessments

Training Content

CATTS training content is consists of four key elements. Our training materials provide you with a complete overview of related regulations, processes, as well as examples of actual practical work procedures and best practices. Our content is based on the technical expertise within our organisation and what requirements you have as an organisation:
C - Compliance
​O - Operational Process​
P - Policies
​S - Soft Skills​​

The following are examples of modules are held under C - Compliance, these can be provided standard or specially tailored to meet your requirements:

C1 - European Union
C2 - Import ICS
C3 - Transit
C4 - Warehouses
C5 - IPR – OPR Procedures
C6 - Export ECS
C7 - Incoterms 2010

C8 - Export Control
C9 - Security
C10 - Single Window
C12 - License Determination
C13 - VAT
C14 - Customs Valuation
C15 - Rules of Origin

C16 - Logistic Liability
C17 - De Minimis Rules
C18 - Customs Representation
C19 - Excise
C20 - AEO
C21 - Safe Harbour
C22 - Data Requirements

C23 - Assessments and Audits
C24 - Classification
C26 - Compliance Programs
C27 - Brexit Readiness
C28 - Customs Brokerage

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