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Trade Management

Taking care of your day to day international trade operations

Operating on a global level comes with a number of challenges. You might be dealing with decentralized customs operations, running different processes across your regions or countries. You need to maintain expertise and education of people handling customs activities all over the world and often the local customs expertise that is available, represents a small portion of your team's actual responsibilities. Operating, maintaining and financing separate customs systems for each country adds another layer of complexity to global trade.

You need a single partner you can trust as you remain accountable for compliance. CATTS is able to support your global trade management operations with our worldwide team of experts. CATTS incorporates compliance systems as part of our service offering, removing the burden from your shoulders.

Our Trade Management services consist of the following customs and trade related operational services:

Broker Management

Locally selected and often a high number of brokers are difficult to manage, limited visibility and reduced automation are driving higher rates than necessary. CATTS broker management program brings you control and visibility into your global customs broker network.

Full visibility into your global customs data

CATTS broker management includes a central control tower that integrates with your systems, as well as those used by your brokers around the world. The emphasis of our broker management team is to communicate with customs brokers worldwide on your behalf. It involves the daily operations, quality checks, as well as monthly billing processes and transactional audits.

Increase the capacity of your internal customs department

As an extension of your internal customs department, the role of CATTS is to assist with the work load of day-to-day controlling-process, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities. Broker business rules, defining the business scope and process details are created and communicated to the broker. We ensure your master-data is used and adjusted when necessary by providing electronic broker instructions.

Reduced fees and delays with Harmonized Brokerage

A harmonized process allows for reduced manual interference and errors, resulting in lower brokerage fees and less delays. It is our responsibility to prepare and process import and export documentation according to customs regulations, laws, or procedures. This provides a centralized process for international traders and is guaranteed in all countries, while the local specific activities are handled by the local customs brokers.

prepared for any Internal or External audit

As the central point of contact for your global business entities and suppliers, CATTS enables full visibility into the status of your customs declarations. Furthermore, all documents and information of each customs transaction are archived at one central access point for all global transactions. This allows central reporting on the accuracy of process, data and documents. You are now prepared for any customs audit and internal compliance program.

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Duty Management

When running a global operation, payment of duties and taxes directly affect your bottom line. Optimum management of duties and free trade agreements requires the right expertise, processes and systems in place, as well as constantly staying on top of changes in the political and regulatory landscape around the world. Our duty management experts support you in all aspects around this challenge. CATTS also analyses opportunities that trade agreements may provide to your existing and future business, supporting your strategic sourcing decisions.

Improve your bottom line with the benefits of free trade

To enjoy the benefits of free trade, you need to effectively manage preference and origin. CATTS supports companies with the operation and automation of preference management and origin calculation.

Long Term Supplier Declaration management

CATTS helps you request, manage and compose long term supplier declarations. We monitor and maintain the necessary content of your database of exporters, suppliers, LTSD and products, providing a smooth free trade process.

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Compliance Management

Our compliance management services ensure you can focus on your international transport and trade, without having to worry about underestimating any of the associated export control risks. Our experts take care of all of the key processes, from screening denied party lists and embargoes, to export control classification for dual use and strategic goods and applying and managing your export licenses.

Know who you are dealing with

We screen your transactions against all relevant sanction, embargo and denied party lists in the background and we give you the green light or let you know if there are possible risks associated with your transaction.

Your products get where they need to go

Without the required expertise or automation, managing your export licenses is a lot of error-sensitive work. CATTS' experts support you in applying for licenses at the national authorities, assigning the correct licenses to your shipments, managing the validity of your licenses, archiving and any other legal requirements.

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