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Product Classification

Your Global Product Classification Partner

CATTS Classification experts can provide support for all your product classification needs. Each member of our Classification Team has strong technical knowledge of multiple different product areas so that they can correctly define the classification code for your products.

Our Trade Management services also consist of the following customs and trade related operational services

Central classification of Your Global Product Master

CATTS has the knowledge, expertise, processes and technology to centralize your global product database and apply all required regional and national regulations, resulting in reduced costs of duplicated efforts​. Our classification team provides support to your trade operations by delivering the correct classification codes to your products. CATTS maintains optimum data quality and compliance in accordance to regulatory changes​, as submitting the correct classification codes is vital to improving customs cycle times.


Thanks to our incredible team we recently completed a classification project of tens of thousands of products to a new client in only a few months' time. Our teams move quickly and have become familiar with many different types of products and industries. CATTS' Classification Experts will meet your timeline and ensure that all products are thoroughly reviewed and classified correctly.

Export Control Classification Numbers

With our expertise we can quickly analyse your products and services and provide you with the correct Export Control Classification Number (ECCN).

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key features and benefits

High level of classification accuracy

Optimum customs cycle times, fewer delays

Compliance with applicable national regulations

Fast response time, on time classification delivery

Cost savings on duty payments