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Compliance Consulting


In a complex and rapidly changing environment CATTS can help you navigate the many legal challenges in different countries around the world. CATTS has over 60 consulting experts globally. We operate as a partnership with the joint goal to overcome your trade challenges. Our representatives and network consists of lawyers, ex-customs representatives, global trade experts and customs brokers.

A Global network of experts

With the experts on our consulting team, we can advise you in the fields of international trade compliance, free trade agreements​, optimising your trade operations, as well as duty and tax recovery.

Can you be sure there are no compliance gaps in your trade processes? And if there are, do you know where they exist? We know you can't be expected to have expertise in every aspect of international trade in all regions you operate in. With CATTS we provide you with a single relationship that can cover all your questions around the world.

Customs and Trade compliance
How to Navigate the International Trade Compliance MAZE

​Which rules and regulations apply to you? Trade compliance, and in particular export compliance, can be a minefield. Our experts are experienced in setting up internal controls and processes to ensure you adhere to the required regulations. We can also review your product catalogue's existing classifications, or determine the correct classification codes where there may be gaps in your database. CATTS experts are specialized in ​Harmonized System classification for imports and exports, as well as export control classification. Do you require the certainty of importing products under a specific classification code? Let us prepare the necessary documentation and assist you in the application of Binding Tariff Information (BTI) or a binding ruling at the appropriate authorities.​

OPTIMIze your Global Trade processes

​We can analyze your global trade operations and identify possible opportunities, for example utilizing FTAs, as well as establishing a business case for follow up initiatives such as potential changes in trade lanes​. CATTS also helps in duty optimization initiatives and setting up processes and procedures for the management of Long Term Supplier Declarations (LTSD), origin determination​ and certificates of origin. Application for Binding Origin Information (BOI). Your global trade process might benefit from simplified procedures and customs authorisations, CATTS helps you identify these opportunities and supports you in the application process.

Customs Duties and taxes

Thanks to the legal experts part of CATTS' network, we can provide you with the expertise required both for the operational analysis, as well legal procedures. We have supported our clients in various projects retrospective related to duty recovery​, tariff reviews​ and appeal representation. CATTS regularly supports in disputes on customs tariff, taxes, analysis of product categories for applicable antidumping (ADD) and countervailing duties (CVD).

CATTS has the experts and knowledge to keep you up to date on changes on global import and export regulations. This allows us to perform in-depth analysis on impact of new trade deals or changing political landscapes, of which Brexit is a recent example.

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