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Audits & ASsessments


CATTS audit and assessment services are aimed at ensuring that our customers have the required procedures in place to help control the risks associated with customs and international trade compliance. We provide a tailored service with legal and procedural advice along with business expertise in covering compliance risks and leading to exemplary organisational performance.

Areas audited & assessed by CATTS


CATTS ensures proper evaluation of the risks your operational processes might be exposed to. They are aimed at identifying weaknesses in current controls and tracking its root causes. We also monitor regulatory changes that may impact your company in terms of tariff updates and export control requirements, then taking appropriate action as required to ensure your processes become or remain compliant with relevant regulations. In the final reports, a number of fields are addressed. Weaknesses will be highlighted, checks and controls will be strengthened and improved. We will also suggest implementing new procedures and an internal control program to mitigate or reduce risk impacting your business.


Our transactional audits focus on customs declarations completed by your staff or third parties. Our experts perform tests on your trade data based on a risk profile, a random sample set, or your full database. These high-level evaluations determine the quality and consistency of your data, such as HS classifications, currencies, Incoterms, customs codes and more. This can help you identify gaps and potential opportunities for improvement. In case you are struggling with obtaining a central overview of your global customs data, CATTS can help you establish this as part of our trade management services.

Origin Audits

Aimed at ensuring that rules of origin are applied correctly in accordance with relevant legal requirements. CATTS provides expertise to traders on customs valuation rules and calculation methods. Review of antidumping/countervailing duty calculation in fast-changing global trade regulatory environment. Our experts also perform FTA assessments on your supply chain in order to evaluate whether your sourcing could benefit from existing or future free trade agreements.

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Benefits from CATTS Audits & Assessments

Less physical and document based controls for international shipments

Shorter supply chain cycle time and lesser products in transit

Advantages of simplified procedures

Reduced data needed for summary declarations

Lower financial bonds and securities

Improved relationship with customs authorities

Higher priority processing of shipments if selected to undergo inspection